MMC Snapin Framework


The MMC Wizard and Components package allows you to easily create snapins for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).  For more details on the Microsoft Management Console, see the Microsoft Management website

When you install the package, a new MMC Expert wizard will be added to the 'Projects' tab in the New Items dialog in Delphi.  You can use this wizard to create your MMC snapin projects.

Once you've created a snapin project, you can use the TSnapinData component at designtime or runtime to set up the scope and result panes, handle snapin notification events, add images, menus and buttons to your snapin, etc.

If you want to use my MMC Snapin Framework you need to download my Low Level Utilities and OTA Wizard packages

There are two separate packages that comprise the MMC Snapin Framework - a runtime only 'Utility' package that contains the TSnapinDate component and TSnapin class, and a design-time package that contains the MMC Expert wizard and registers the TSnapinData component.