XanaNews Newsreader


XanaNews is a free, powerful, fully featured newsreader for Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Version released 6th December 2006.  Please see the readme file for details of what's new.

XanaNews support newsgroups are available.  Point XanaNews to the forums.talkto.net server, and subscribe to the xananews.support and xananews.wishlist groups.  See you there!


And now you can help!

If you use XanaNews regularly, why not make a donation to help ensure your future developments, and to express you appreciation? 

And shortly after you make a donation, a Gold Medal - - will appear in XanaNews' status bar, and your name will be added to the list of contributors in Help, About!

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Download XanaNews
XanaNews  Self installing program for new users Download...
XanaNews  Program file only.  Update for existing users Download...
XanaNews  Help file update for existing users Download...
XanaNews  Source code for XanaNews.  Requires Delphi 2006 Download...


About XanaNews

I wrote XanaNews because I wanted a powerful but easy to use newsreader - and I needed the source, so I could add new features, and fix the bugs.  But no one would be daft enough to write a newsreader and make the source available - until now!

A big thank-you to everyone who has mailed me with bug reports, and suggestions for improvements and features.  

To compile XanaNews you'll need to  download the source, together with my Miscellaneous Components package  (make sure you've got the latest version).  You'll also need Mike Lischke's excellent Virtual Tree View component, my Low Level Utilities and Image Types packages and Madshi's terrific Mad Exception Handling component

XanaNews uses the ISpell spell checker by Luzius Schneider.  The spell checker options will automatically be enabled if this is installed.  You can download ISpell from Luzius' site

For SSL support you need the Indy SSL dlls - available here.  Go for the 0.96k download.  Once you've downloaded the .zip file, unzip the DLLs into your XanaNews directory. 

The splash screen and many of the cool bitmaps & icons were donated to the XanaNews project by Dave Ridgeway of GlyFX.  Many thanks!


Here's what it does so far...


Here's XanaNews in action: